Industrial Air

Enclosed Scroll

Our innovative scroll technology is completely oil-less, extremely quiet, energy efficient, and easy to maintain. The sound enclosure cabinet decreases noise levels even further, allowing the compressor system to be installed right at the point of use. The small footprint also helps maximize available floor space.

Enclosed Scroll Tankmount

Our innovative scroll technology and sound enclosure cabinet is now available in a tankmounted system, providing a smaller footprint to maximize available floor space. 

Enclosed Rotary Tooth

The Oil-Free Rotary Tooth Compressor provides reliable, compressed oil-free air for applications requiring the highest level of air purity, such as food and beverage processing, and pharmaceutical, textile, and electronic manufacturing.  It is an air-cooled, 2 stage compressor constructed with premium components.  A VFD controller is available as an energy cost saving option. 

Oil-less Scroll Tankmount

Our innovative scroll technology is completely oil-less, extremely quiet, energy efficient and easy to maintain. Mounting the scroll compressor on the tank itself maximizes available floor space and allows for easy access to the compressors for maintenance.

Oil-less Reciprocating Piston

The Powerex oil-less tank mounted system is designed to provide clean, dry air for industrial applications where the quality of the compressed air is critical (dryer option is required for the dry air application).

Climate Control System

Our tank mounted Climate Control systems have been designed and tested to meet the most demanding specifications for low oil carryover and long life in the pneumatic climate control industry. The compressor motors are NEMA Class B design. Our duplex configuration (AD models) are ideal for instrumentation systems requiring an alternate compressor for standby or overload capacity.