Control Panel Options: Premium and Basic


Powerex offers two different control panel options for our Medical and Laboratory Air and Vacuum systems - Premium controls as our standard and optional Basic controls. 


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Premium Controls 

Our Premium Controls include a color touch screen control panel that works with our PLC controller to display the operating status of the unit.  The touch screen will also display dew point and CO readings and audible and visual high dew point and CO alarms for systems with these monitors.  There are also visual and audible alarms for system overload trip, high temperature conditions and service intervals. 


Premium Controls were designed specifically for facilities that have a Building Automation System (BAS). Our Premium Controls use a communication gateway utilizing BacNet® protocol. It features pre-configured and labeled data points along with email notification. This truly is a “plug and play” integrator that allows your medical or laboratory system to easily communicate with the facilities BAS, keeping you in touch with your Powerex equipment no matter where you are.

Premium Controls come standard on most of our Medical Air and all Medical Vacuum systems as well as on all Laboratory Air and Laboratory Vacuum systems.

What comes with a Premium Control Panel?

  • PLC controller and color touch screen
  • UL508 listed and labeled, NEMA 4/12 enclosure
  • Visual and audible alarms as described above
  • Integrated dew point and carbon monoxide monitors (if monitors included on system)
  • Panel door includes:

           - HOA switch for each pump

          - Audible and visual alarms with an acknowledge button

          - 3-position dryer switch (for systems with dryer packages)

  • Building automation gateway with BacNet® protocol
  • Email notifications for alarms and service alerts


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Basic Controls 

Our Basic controls are our tried and true pushbutton controls in a UL508A listed and labeled NEMA 12 enclosure.  Redundant control circuit transformers and dry contacts for remote alarm monitoring are also built into the panel.  There is also timed lead/lag pump alternation and visual and audible alarms for reserve pump in use (on Laboratory Vacuum Systems, it is a low vacuum alarm in place of the reserve pump in use alarm). 

Each pump is also provided with a Hand/Off/Auto selector switch, a run hour meter and a run light.   

What comes with a Basic Control panel?

  • UL508 listed and labeled, NEMA 4/12 enclosure
  • Pushbutton controls
  • Visual and audible alarms as described above
  • Dew point and carbon monoxide monitors with LCD displays (if monitors included on system)
  • Each pump provided with:

          - Hand/Off/Auto selector switch

          - A run hour meter

          - A run light


On Air Systems (each compressor also provided with):

  • Magnetic starter with 3 leg overload protection
  • High temperature shutdown – visual and audible alarms


On Vacuum Systems (each pump also provided with):

  • Externally operable motor protector circuit breaker
  • High temperature visual and audible alarm


Basic controls are optional for most our Medical Air and all Medical Vacuum systems as well as on Laboratory Vacuum systems.

 * Control panel options may vary per system.  Please consult your Sales Representative.


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