SED/SET/SEQ configuration
SEH/SEO configuration

Powerex Heat Manager – A new energy cost saving accessory to our Enclosed Scroll Compressor Systems

The Heat Manager cooling system removes excess heat from the Enclosed Scroll Compressor Systems to save on air conditioning energy costs and enhance the performance and reliability of the compressor. The cooling fan will operate when any pump inside the enclosure is running. This system can be factory assembled or installed in the field.

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Energy Cost Savings
  • Projected air conditioning cost savings of removing heat from the facility of up to $5,400/yr
  • For non-medical systems, the Heat Manager can recover heat from the compressor and add it to the system HVAC for even greater overall energy savings

Fully Integrated with Powerex Compressor
  • Cooling fan performance matched to the BTU output of Powerex Systems to maximize efficiency
  • Installed and pre-wired to the compressor control panel at the factory
  • 18” x 18” opening easily ties into facility HVAC
  • UL 1450 and CSA C22.2 rated for SED/SET/SEQ components

Ensure Reliable Compressor Operation
  • Removes excess heat that can damage compressor components
  • Creates lower ambient room temperatures
       - Increase the life of the compressor
       - Increase the operating efficiency of the compressor
  • Integrated fault signal triggers alarm if no current is detected to protect compressor

Heat Manager Brochure

SE Series with Heat Manager – 10-20 HP Cut Sheet

SE Series with Heat Manager – 30-40 HP Cut Sheet