MDD dryer

Medical Desiccant Dryers (Model - MDD)

All our Medical Air systems come standard with our Medical Desiccant Dryers.  These dryers are combined with our CO Monitor, Dewpoint monitor and all necessary filters, regulators, etc. to make up our Medical Desiccant Air Dryer Package.

NOTE: Refrigerated dryers are available as an option for Medical Air systems.  Please contact us for more information if a refrigerated dryer is specified for your application.

MODELSCFM @ 100 PSIGInletOutlet
MDD07081101 1/2"1 1/2"


Medical Desiccant Air Dryers - Model MDDHelpful Links
  • Pressure swing adsorption technology with a repressurization cycle

             - In fixed cycle mode, total cycle time is 4 minutes, or 2 minutes per tower

            - In variable cycle mode, the total cycle time can be increased up to 120 minutes 

  • Manufactured in-house 
  • Dryer includes: 

    - Self-cleaning ceramic switching valve

    - Automatic purge saver - dew point dependant

    - Differential pressure indicators for both inlet and outlet filters

    - Purge muffler

    - Tower pressure gauges

    - Regulators with gauges

    - Isolation ball valves

MDD Specification 

MDD 0058-0708 cut sheet

MDD Brochure